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This Public School Goes Viral for Having Tiles in All Open Spaces, Even Outside the Gates

While there are many public schools across the Philippines that are having trouble with their classrooms or even faculty rooms such as the recent viral story about the teachers using the CRs as faculty rooms, there is this public school that also went viral for having tiles in all its open spaces! Even the area outside the gates also had tiles. Wow.

Photo credit: Arturo Rosaroso / Facebook

Imus National High School earned much praise on social media after photos of its tiled open spaces were shared on Facebook by some students and the principal, Sir Arturo Rosaroso.

Photo credit: Arturo Rosaroso / Facebook

It turned out that netizens are not the only pleased with the results because the school received the Gawad Kalasag as Best Secondary Public School in the entire Region IV-A.

Photo credit: Arturo Rosaroso / Facebook

In photos shared by the principal on his Facebook page, the school grounds looked clean and neat with the tiles set on the picture-perfect field. It amazed a lot of netizens that the principal, parents, and other stakeholders were able to come up with this impressive project to ensure that the children will have a beautiful school.

Photo credit: Arturo Rosaroso / Facebook

But the tiled field still had plenty of plants placed in large planters to add some greenery to the surroundings.

Photo credit: Arturo Rosaroso / Facebook

According to Rosaroso, discipline is the key and main reason why the school was able to have so much progress. He calls on the students to stay disciplined, to ensure that the school remains clean, neat, and beautiful.

Photo credit: Arturo Rosaroso / Facebook

It was also revealed that aside from the tiled open spaces, the school will also inaugurate the newly built main gate, two 4-story buildings with 30 classrooms each, and solar panels placed to make the school more energy-efficient!

Photo credit: Arturo Rosaroso / Facebook

Needless to say, netizens were impressed by the school! More importantly, they are thanking the principal for his leadership, with plenty of alumni thanking Rosaroso for the many improvements he helped place in the school.

Photo credit: Arturo Rosaroso / Facebook

Rosaroso shared that they are not yet finished with the improvements, saying more programs will also be launched to ensure that the school stays clean and well-maintained.

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  1. Dionald Bancairen

    A school as the focal ares for lewrning should be more made condusive for learning so that a quality teaching learning process will occur. With the help of the community the LGU, NGO, PO , indutry sector, parents alumni students and teachers nothing would be impossible for unity for a good common for the majority is the reachable direction achievable by all concern. Hope it will be a lesson to all school heads around the Philippines that good networking is a key for the total development of a school institution. KODUS TO ALL WHO MADE SUCH!

  2. Ang ganda nga. Ang linis at madali linisin. Pero nagtataka lang ako kung saan pumupunta ang tubig pag umulan? Paano di nadudulas yung mga bata sa tiles pag basa? Ano kaya yung safety precaution?

  3. Mas preferred ko pa rin na lots of green ground cover accented by bushes and palm trees.

  4. Outdoor tile po. Hindi sya madulas gaya ng sa cr

  5. not safe its slippery when wet….it makes the surroundings hot during daytime…i prefer turf/rubber tiles or carabao grass and only the pathwalk must be asphalt then cement for borderlining. you can still put trees/ornaments

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