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Buhay Teacher

Being an educator in a world where teaching is considered as the noblest profession means a lot. It’s like you’re wearing an invisible cape that will help you change the world one day at a time, or being idolized like Captain America. It’s like you’re Tony Stark armed with a chalk and a handful of patience. But in reality, you’re just like that huge green guy, angry, most of the time. Haha!

Hey there! We’re just kidding. We know you’re a happy person. Thank you for reaching this page and for allowing yourself to know more about us. Just like you, we are also teachers. Prisoners of the seven-to-five routine. Kings and Queens of our own classrooms. Taking home quizzes to check, books to read, and lessons to prepare. Just like you, we also have our good and hard times.

And just like you, we have stories to tell. That’s why we created this blog.

Buhay Teacher is the brainchild of our founders in an attempt to provide you, our readers, a daily dose of tales, memes, and inspirations in a teacher’s life. It is a blog where teachers can find uplifting stories, tutorials, and latest significant updates that concerns the teaching profession.

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