Teacher’s ‘Bigay-Todo’ Dance to Guide Her Students’ Performance Goes Viral

Teachers do not just teach lessons in the classroom, most of the time they are also the ones tasked to teach their students with other things they needed for life to develop their skills through music, dancing, sports, arts, and other fields.

Many teachers work hard to make sure their students learn the best that they can – and win in the competitions or contests they join in.

Recently, a teacher went viral for her ‘bigay-todo’ dance as she guided her students in their performance. This turned out to be a contest and this wonderful woman would soon be dubbed as a ‘stage teacher’, a clear variation/allusion to ‘stage moms’.

Photo credit: Juliet Tomo / Facebook

Identified as Teacher Eden Jurane, this mentor is the coach of her students at Cotabato City Central Pilot School (CCCPS) in Cotabato City, southern Philippines.

Ma’am Jurane wants to make sure that her students would not forget the steps to their dance performance. She wants them to give the performance their best shot; thus, she guided them in the best way she could – by also giving it her all!

The ‘todo-bigay’ performance caught the eye of netizen Juliet Tomo, another teacher at CCCPS who would later share the video that would go viral.

Photo credit: Juliet Tomo / Facebook

In the clip that was focused only on the teacher, Ma’am Jurane could be seen giving her best dance moves for the performance – and many netizens commented that her students would have surely done their best considering that their enthusiastic teacher is such a great guide, complete with a fierce but motivational facial expression.

True enough, her hard work paid off because her students received three awards in different categories, reported GMA News.

Watch the ‘stage teacher’ in action here:


And here’s the performance of Kindergarten Jurane, Afternoon Session, behind the viral video:


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