Teacher Risks Own Life to Cross a Road Damaged by Landslide, So Students Won’t Miss Lessons

Showing dedication to her profession, a noble teacher recently went viral for risking her own life to cross a road that was damaged by landslide, just so her students miss their lessons!

Recently, a district in Thailand called Na Udom was badly hit by floods from Tropical Storm Podul that caused massive landslides in many areas. Several roads were broken after the ground beneath the structures collapsed.

Photo credit: Chayutara Duangphandee / Facebook

But you’ve got to admire the dedication of one teacher (and surely many others like her, too) who risked her own life to cross that damaged road because she was thinking about her students and didn’t want them to miss a class. The storm might have damaged the road but this did not stop this dedicated teacher from doing her best to reach the school.

Photo credit: Chayutara Duangphandee / Facebook

Having some difficulty in climbing down the makeshift ladder while balancing her bag, school supplies, and shoes, this still unnamed teacher earned admiration from netizens for her impressive dedication to her profession.

After reaching the ground, she still has to walk over the broken ground to reach the other side where another makeshift ladder was waiting. It was difficult and quite risky because the ground could move further, yet this teacher and the other commuters have no other choice.

Photo credit: Chayutara Duangphandee / Facebook

This brave woman earned much praise on social media, with many calling her awesome and dedicated.

Take care of yourself, Teacher. I appreciate it. Awesome,” netizen Rarida Waratus Klinjun wrote.

Many agreed with Rarida, saying that this teacher deserves praise but should also think of her own safety.

Photo credit: Chayutara Duangphandee / Facebook

We could only hope her students appreciate what she has to go through and also focus on their education… Moreover, it would be great if the government fixes these roads fast!

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