Teacher Praised for Magical Disney-Themed Classroom She Decorated Using Her Money

A lot of teachers across the world became teachers because they wanted to serve and help children learn. In this noble profession, many are not even paid much yet are ready to go the extra mile just to provide better education for their students.

One teacher recently went viral for the magical Disney-themed classroom she prepared for her kindergarten class. But it impressed people even more to learn that she had actually decorated the classroom out of her own pocket!

Photo credit: Twitter / Carlanda Williams

Working at Ayer Elementary School in Fresno, California, Carlanda Williams knows that the district could not pay for the Disney-themed decorations. But the dedicated teacher wanted to make sure that her kindergarten pupils will enjoy their time inside the classroom.

Photo credit: Twitter / Carlanda Williams

So, Williams decided to go ahead with the classroom renovation, using her own money to pay for the various Disney-themed stuff inside the facility. One corner of the classroom had a wall featuring a castle while the reading nook beside it featured several Disney titles.

Even the cubbyholes and lockers are Disney items or furniture that Williams updated with Mickey Mouse logos. Almost every portion of the classroom had colorful Mickey Mouse ears and Disney stuff that make the place bright and appealing to the students. Who wouldn’t enjoy hanging out in this classroom, huh?

Photo credit: Twitter / Carlanda Williams

But a magical classroom would not be complete without a magical teacher! That’s not a problem with Williams who enjoys dressing up for the kids, putting on huge Minnie Mouse ears and wearing a Minnie Mouse t-shirt.

The lively teacher shared videos of her classroom, giving netizens a virtual tour of her magical kingdom, errrr, classroom.

Here’s Part 1:

Watch Part 2 here:

A lot of netizens were impressed with her handiwork, saying that teachers like her should definitely get a raise for the many sacrifices they make for their students.

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