Teacher Goes Viral for Babysitting Student’s Baby So the Girl Can Take the Test

While teenage pregnancy has long been a problem that teachers have to deal with every year, it is important for teachers to still encourage their students to complete their studies. This will not only be good for their future but also for the future of their babies.

Though there are schools who actually expel students who get pregnant and teachers who ban students from coming to class while pregnant or bringing their children, a teacher in Butuan City, southern Philippines, recently went viral for actually encouraging her young student to bring her baby to class!

Photo credit: Clariz Jane Lasala / Facebook

Because the Grade 12 student could not find someone to take care of her baby at home, Teacher Clariz Jane Lasala told her to come to class with the child. Because she was set to give the class a quiz that day, Teacher Clariz volunteered to take care of the baby so her student could take the test.

According to Teacher Clariz, when she saw the student bringing her baby to school, she said to herself that this is what courage is all about. With the stigma that many teenage moms face, it surely took a lot of courage of her Grade 12 student to come to class with the baby.

Photo credit: Clariz Jane Lasala / Facebook

Thus, the teacher decided that she would volunteer to take care of the baby so the girl could take the test along with her classmates.

She added that she wanted to show support to the said student because she continues to strive hard to finish her studies despite the challenges of caring for and supporting a baby.

Many of her friends were impressed by what Teacher Clariz did.

You will be a good example even you are still single I know someday if the time comes that you will get married – you will be a good mother to your children,” one of them commented.

Photo credit: Clariz Jane Lasala / Facebook

I pray that someday when you get married and become pregnant, may God bless you good health, successful pregnancy and healthy baby,” another friend wrote.

Netizens also praised the teacher, saying that many would have turned the student away and perhaps tell the girl to go home because the baby would be a distraction in class. It’s a good thing Teacher Clariz is an understanding, caring teacher. The student will surely appreciate the gesture for the rest of her life…

Photo credit: Clariz Jane Lasala / Facebook

God bless you, Teacher Clariz!

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