Saying Goodbye? Teacher Goes Viral as He Stares at Class Photo in Empty Classroom

A teacher recently went viral as he stares at a class photo in an empty classroom, most likely because he misses his students and was unable to properly bid them goodbye…

COVID-19 took us all by surprise – and schools went from weeks of class suspensions to an early end of the school year, with teachers and students unable to bid their last goodbyes in person. Many schools have not even administered the final exams yet, but lockdowns and community quarantines canceled everything, including moving up ceremonies and graduation rites.

SY 2019-2020 appears to have one of the saddest, most abrupt ending to a school year the Philippines has ever encountered since the war times.

Earlier in March, a netizen named Edward of Binangonan, Rizal, shared a photo of a teacher sitting alone in his empty classroom. A photo of his class was displayed on the screen of the TV mounted between the white boards.

Photo credit: Edward / Facebook

There’s nothing left to say but goodbye… – Air Supply,” wrote Edward as he shared the sad photo.

The photo shared by Edward was only able to capture his appearance from the back, but it was clear that he was feeling sad and nostalgic. It was quite likely that he was not able to bid goodbye to this batch amid the COVID-19 situation.

With teachers often considered as their learners’ second parents, it is to understand why this teacher feels so sad about not seeing his students anymore. The school year has not officially ended yet, but the schools have been empty of kids for weeks amid the class suspensions declared by the government.

A number of teachers can relate with this one, with some saying that this is exactly how the feel at the end of each school year as their learners move on to the next level. It’s just sad that this year, they were unable to properly bid goodbye…

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