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DepEd Declares No More Final Exams in Public Schools under Community Quarantine

With many areas in the Philippines under community quarantine or even lockdown, classes have been suspended until April 14, the date announced by President Rodrigo Duterte as end of the period. Many parents were wondering what would happen to the students’ exams and whether they would have to take the tests when the lockdown ends.

Considering that public schools were supposed to administer the fourth quarter from March 16 to 20 and the school year is supposed to end on April 3, based on the DepEd’s academic calendar for school year 2019-2020, Education Secretary Leonor Briones declared no more final exams in these affected areas.

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Further academic requirements, if any, shall be done as home-based assignments,” the DepEd memorandum announced.

For schools who still hold classes, DepEd tells teachers to do the exams on a “staggered basis”. This means that the students should not come to school at the same time. Instead, they should take the tests in varying schedules and the schools should implement the social distancing protocol to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

How are Grades Computed?

While the students are rejoicing that they don’t have to take their final exams anymore, parents were worried about how their grades will be computed. The DepEd also issued guidelines on how grades will be computed and transmuted, with some sample calculations on the memo.

Under these guidelines, the students’ existing class standings will be used as basis in computing their final grades.

Private schools are “highly encouraged” to follow the new guidelines, the DepEd memo added.

How About Moving Up and Graduation?

With the current situation, the DepEd extends the school year so that schools could still schedule these ceremonies between April 13 and 17. Schools are required to implement social distancing rules. However, in light of recent events, schools can also opt to totally cancel these events.

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