List of Benefits and Incentives for DepEd Teachers

Teachers are one of the most crucial elements in nation building. They have this huge responsibility of molding students into future professionals and productive individuals for the country. It’s a tough profession and one that is to be taken seriously, especially if you’re planning to become one.

Despite the role we have to carry throughout our careers, teachers seemed to be “under appreciated” by our government considering the “not-so-competitive” salary we have as compared to our fellow teachers in foreign countries, at least in our own opinion. We hate to compare but we can’t just ignore the truth.

On the positive note, our government is slowly making progress in seeing the value of its teachers. And to compensate all their hard work and sacrifices, the government provides benefits and incentives that DepEd teachers can enjoy throughout their careers.

Here are the list of benefits and incentives for DepEd teachers:

Benefits and Incentives for DepEd Teachers

Yearly Benefits of DepEd Teachers

a. Clothing/Uniform Allowance – 6,000.00

b. Mid-year Bonus – One month basic salary

c. Year-end Bonus – One month basic salary

d. Cash Gift – 5,000.00

e. Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI) – 5,000.00/year

f. Anniversary Bonus – 3,000.00

g. Performance-Based Bonus – Ranges from 50-65% of the basic monthly salary depending on school performance

h. Proportional Vacation Pay (PVP) – 70 days PVP during summer and Christmas break for those who have rendered full services during the school year

i. Cash/Chalk Allowance – 3,500.00/year/teacher

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Other Benefits and Incentives for DepEd Teachers

a. One step increment for every three (3) years of continuous satisfactory performance.

b. One or two (2) step increments due to meritorious performance using the Results-based Performance Management System (RPMS).

c. Loyalty Cash Incentive depending on the number of  years in service (starting on the 10th year amounting to Php 10,000.00 and Php 5,000.00 after every 5 years).

d. Special Hardship allowance to teachers assigned in hardship posts (cannot be reached by regular means of transportation through hiking or banca/motorcycle rides), mobile teachers and multi-grade teachers (15- 25% of basic salary).

e. Honoraria for teaching overload subject to funds availability.

f. Leave privileges (Maternity, paternity, study leave)

g. Additional incentive/allowances from LGU (selected divisions)

h. Vacation service credits (max of 15 days per year)

i. For mobile teachers, Php 2,000 per month for transportation allowance*

j. For mobile teachers and DALCs, Php 5,000.00 per year for instructional materials*

k. In-service training

*Program Support Fund

Social Security Benefits of DepEd Teachers

a. GSIS benefits

               i. Retirement and Life Insurance Premiums (RLIP)

b. PhilHealth Benefits (Hospitalization, Annual Physical Examination)

c. Employees Compensation Program (ECP) benefits

Source/Credits: DepEd-BHROD


  1. INFORMATIONS relayed are really important to teachers like us…Only I would request that each teacher should be firm enough and assertive in acquiring the benefits.. I had an experience of having a miscarriage during the summer of the year 2012 . I was not informed that I am entitled of the right for filing maternity leave.although I tried to ask our district clerk about it but he said its not applicable..Can I still claim the financial assistance although I was’nt able to file the leave because this benefit was not relayed to us… and short,it was kept as secret before . Heto iyong motto sa Division” Kung hindi mo alam ,bahala k sa buhay mo”. One more unclaimed benefit ,I file my loyalty bonus after 11 years.,our Division said its too late to claim the 10 -year loyalty bonus so i waited for 15 years in service but Iwas given only 5,ooo .So balewala na yong 10 years kasi they credited only the remaining last 5 years.. So kawawa nman kming mga teachers na halos nka focus sa teaching pero ang benefits halos itago sa amin …kung mg file kmi they will tell too late… kung bakit b naman walang source of information kung wala kang laptop cp at internet…

  2. Going to school if only not required on workplace. Many of our children would not go to school Ano ngayon ang teacher?

  3. Ang masasabi ko sa shools divisions n ganyan na walang malasakit sa mga teachers nila ay mga walanghiya at walang mga konsensya..anyways mga teachers nandyan c Lord at nkikita lahat ng ginagawa ng bawat tao..revenge is His. Bkit b may mga public servants n ganyan? Kya nga sila tinatawag n mga public servants kc first and foremost ay dapat n pag silbihan nila ang publiko na nagpapasweldo sa kanila??? Bakit nga ba ang daming walanghiyang mga civil servants n kung umasta akala mo ang sinusweldo nila ay hindi galing sa mga tao???

    • Ung loyalty cash incentive hindi ko yan na avail, 20 years in service na ako….paano yan e avail, what are the documents needed? Pls help.Tnx.

      • Good morning po. Loyalty cash incentive is when you apply for an early retirement which could be as early as 10 years of your service.

  4. Ung loyalty cash incentive hindi ko yan na avail, 20 years in service na ako….paano yan e avail, what are the documents needed? Pls help.Tnx.

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