Laugh Trip: Funny Video Explains Why Teachers are Not Assigned at ECQ Checkpoints

Here’s a video that is sure to make you laugh as a teacher explained why teachers are not assigned at ECQ checkpoints. It’s sure to make you laugh!

Teachers are known as frontliners during election period but some netizens are wondering why they are ‘nowhere to be found’ amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Photo credit: Erika Quintos / Facebook

Of course, it is pretty obvious that the reason why teachers are not in the frontlines is that this is not really their field of expertise. Teachers are not doctors or medical workers; thus, they can’t be assigned in hospitals to treat patients or assist in helping out the sick.

Moreover, teachers are not uniformed personnel with sworn duty to protect the people; thus, they can’t be assigned at checkpoints to stop people from trying to pass through the borders. However, there are teachers who took on that duty because they are army reservists.

Photo credit: Erika Quintos / Facebook

But one teacher had the perfect ‘explanation’ as to why teachers are not assigned at the checkpoints for the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). The TikTok video has since gone viral.

Teacher Erika Quintos shared the funny video on her Facebook page. It would quickly go viral, with many teachers saying the could relate with the clip. She wrote:

Photo credit: Erika Quintos / Facebook

“Paano kung ilagay ang mga guro sa mga Checkpoints?

Nakuuu baka walang makaadaan… Madaming di makakasagot sa mga tanong namen 🤣

Kaya okay ng nasa bahay na lang po kami aah? 🤣 Huwag nyo na po kami Hanapin sa labas 🤣.

It’s a joke, of course, so don’t get too serious while watching this video! Teachers really aren’t the best people to be assigned at the ECQ checkpoints because only very few would be allowed to pass through. LOL.

Check this out:

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