Gorgeous Teacher Goes Viral, Makes Many Students Wish They are in Her Class

A gorgeous teacher went viral for her good looks, with many netizens and students wishing they were in her class.

Kheny Soliva Berco completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, Major in Early Childhood Education at the University of St. La Salle. Prior to graduation, she became a practice teacher at St. John Institute.

Photo credit: Kheny Soliva Berco / Instagram (@realkhenylhabs)

The young lady believes that though the job is not easy, being a preschool teacher is her calling because she wants to give young children the “best start in life”. This is the main reason why she took up education and chose a major that deals with preschools.

Photo credit: Kheny Soliva Berco / Instagram (@realkhenylhabs)

I can’t think of any job as important to society as teaching. I know being a pre-school teacher is not an easy job, but it is what I love,” Teacher Kheny explained.

The young teacher has become a social media star after some of her photos were shared by several Facebook pages.

Photo credit: Kheny Soliva Berco / Instagram (@realkhenylhabs)

She was dubbed as one of the most beautiful teachers in the Philippines, leading several netizens to joke that they would gladly go back to school if she’s their teacher. But considering that she’s a preschool teacher, going back to school just to have her as teacher would certainly be hilarious.

Photo credit: Kheny Soliva Berco / Instagram (@realkhenylhabs)

Unusual Pet

A lot of netizens were surprised to learn that Teacher Kheny has a penchant for snakes. Her favorite pet is a snake she calls Damian. She actually thinks the snake is adorable.

People always find me weird for having a snake in the house, but why not? I love my Damian more than anything on this planet and I think he’s adorable,” said Teacher Kheny.

After learning she loves snakes, some guys got a bit scared. LOL. Who isn’t afraid of snakes, anyway?

Photo credit: Kheny Soliva Berco / Instagram (@realkhenylhabs)

On her Instagram account (@realkhenylhabs), Teacher Kheny shared photos while she had fun after graduation, taking a much-needed summer break. But based on recent updates on the account, the gorgeous young lady appears to have taken a job at Living Stones International School, Bacolod City in Central Philippines.

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  1. If many students would follow Kheny Soliva Berco today who choose Early Childhood Education as their major field, then I’m sure we could produce quality graduates 12 years from now.

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