Creative Teacher Praised for Wearing Cosplay Costumes to Get Children’s Attention in Class

These days, teachers have a lot of competition when it comes to getting their students’ undivided attention in class. And it is quite impressive that there are many who tried their best and succeeded in finding unique ways to do that!

Take for example Aileen D. Sto. Domingo, an elementary school teacher in Binangonan, Rizal. Just like many other teachers, Aileen had to struggle with how she could catch her students’ attention – until she realized that cosplaying just might do the trick.

Photo credit: Unang Hirit – GMA News / Facebook

So, the creative teacher created a costume she used in school. True enough, the cosplay costume got her students’ full and undivided attention as she discussed the lessons! While they were curious with her costume, they listened well as she taught them the lessons that day.

Photo credit: Unang Hirit – GMA News / Facebook

From then on, Teacher Aileen created more costumes to wear in class. In a feature video shared by Unang Hirit of GMA News, it was revealed that the teacher had already come to class in many different costumes.

Photo credit: Unang Hirit – GMA News / Facebook

Aside from being a heroine or superhero, there were times she arrived in class dressed as a mermaid or sometimes even as a scary creature from the legends.

Needless to say, Teacher Aileen inspired many of her students to focus on their lessons. This led to her receiving the Outstanding Grade 1 Teacher award for the entire province of Rizal.

As a ‘real life’ superhero, the teacher dresses up in complete costume, with a headdress for many of her characters and the right costume. Aside from making her own costumes, she also uses her own money for the accessories.

Photo credit: Unang Hirit – GMA News / Facebook

This led many people to express admiration to this creative teacher who went out of her way to help her kids learn in school. But aside from her students in school, the kindhearted teacher also goes out to the village with some of her fellow teachers to help out-of-school kids learn something. They also provide books and snacks for the children!

Photo credit: Unang Hirit – GMA News / Facebook

Watch this admirable video and be impressed by Teacher Aileen’s advocacy:

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