91-Year-Old Teacher Impress Netizens as He Still Teaches at High School in Aklan

At 91 years old, Sir Gonzalo Maravilla is most likely the oldest teacher still in active duty in the Philippines! But at this age, he does not show signs of slowing down or having a dull memory; in fact, he is known to have a sharp mind even though he’s obviously so old.

While teachers retire at 65 years old, Sir Along as his students fondly call him is proud to have been working for 69 years! At his age, he’s definitely much older than everyone in school – and most of the faculty and staff, including the school principal, have been his students.

Photo credit: The Summit Express – Facebook / FM Kalibo

Sir Along continues to teach Physics to Grade 10 students at Madyaas Institute at Albasan Numancia, Aklan, a school that was founded by his father. He began teaching there in 1950 but has no plans of retiring anytime soon.

Some of his students joke that he will probably outlive them all because of his ‘anting-anting’, but the teacher seriously replies that he doesn’t have one. According to Sir Along, he can attribute his sharp mind and healthy body to the way he lived his life.

Photo credit: The Summit Express – Facebook / FM Kalibo

At 91, you might expect him to rely on walkers and use vehicles to his advantage, yet Sir Along actually walks from his house to school every single day! He continues to expand his knowledge by reading books and newspapers. He also tinkers with electronic gadgets, using his Physics knowledge to fix things.

He might be old but Sir Along continues to amaze his students who shared that he’s not just an excellent Physics teacher, he also teaches them good manners and helps strengthen their faith in God.

Photo credit: The Summit Express – Facebook / FM Kalibo

Student Faye Villorente said that though most old people are forgetful, Sir Along is so different because he continues to be smart and hasn’t forget a concept or equation in the difficult subject he teaches, Physics.

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