Working Student Who Spent 9 Years in College, Ranks Top 9 in Board Exams

For Christian “Ichan” Arranz, the number ‘9’ might be his number, both lucky and unlucky, as he ranked Top 9 in the Mining Engineering Board Exams – that’s after completing his college education in 9 years, getting 9 failing grades in the process.

An inspiring young man, Arranz spent most of his college days as a working student to support himself and his family as well. Juggling his studies with his work was not easy. Thus, this young man received 9 failing grades, yet these did not stop him from trying his best to still finish his studies.

And while he finally completed his college education some 9 years after he started, this inspiring young man proved that there’s no specific deadline to success.

Photo credit: Christian “Ichan” Arranz / The Summit Express

But even after college, this hardworking young man continued to earn admiration as he juggled work and review classes. He still was not able to focus in his review as he goes to the regular review classes from 9AM to 3PM at his alma mater, the University of the Philippines (UP), but has to rush to Ortigas as he needs to work from 4PM to 8PM.

During weekends, he dedicates his time from 9AM to 8PM to teach senior high school students and his regular tutees. This earns him some extra cash and helps him provide for his family. But that meant he was not able to focus on his review lessons, yet he managed to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Photo credit: Christian “Ichan” Arranz / The Summit Express

I thought I could not handle everything. It was tiring, exhausting. At times I was depressed because I didn’t know if I could still prepare for the exam. But I can’t give up my passion – I really love to teach. I know I can help so many others as much as I can help myself. It’s the drive that keeps me going,” he admitted.

Despite completing college 4 years later than his batchmates, Arranz wowed everyone when the ranked as Top 9 in the board exams! Arranz passed the August 2017 Mining Engineering Board Exams with a score of 88.25%, ranking ninth. Wow. He would have been higher up the ranking had he been able to focus more on his review lessons…

Photo credit: Christian “Ichan” Arranz / The Summit Express

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