Woman Shames Kindergarten Teacher for Not Washing Son’s Food Container

A lot of teachers face additional pressure these days, no thanks to rather demanding parents who expect their kids to have good grades and better lives. For many parents, teachers are supposed to teach their children everything they need in life – and that includes manners.

But many also expect their children’s teachers to do more than their tasks as educators; such as this mom from Malaysia who recently went viral for shaming a kindergarten teacher for not washing her son’s food container.

Apparently, this mother got angry after seeing the unwashed food container inside her son’s bag. It already smelled rotten and had some worms inside, leading the angry mother to hurriedly message the teacher about the situation.

Photo credit: World of Buzz

The mother also tried to call the teacher and send her a lot of messages but after she was ignored, she told the teacher she would post everything on the parents’ group chat. With the teacher’s continued silence, the angry mom decided to ‘expose’ the teacher, sending screenshots of her messages on the parents’ group chat, just like she promised.

But the plan backfired because many of the parents sided with the teacher. Instead of getting their sympathy, this mother got slammed for shaming the teacher and for expecting the overworked educator to wash the child’s food container.

Others also slammed her for being an irresponsible mom as she did not immediately check on her son’s bag. They were all certain that the food container had been inside the bag for days because it already had worms, as the mom claimed.

Photo credit: World of Buzz

Later, the teacher’s son posted about the story on social media.

Wow. Does she think my mother is a housework laborer? She’s just a kindergarten teacher. You think it’s the teacher’s responsibility to settle everything your child does?” the teacher’s child.

It’s parents with behavior like this that make their kids hopeless. You haven’t even taught your child how to use the toilet without peeing their pants but expect teachers to help your children to this extent. Tupperware also you want the teacher to wash.

Do you think kindergarten teachers should be the ones to wash preschool students’ food containers?

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