While Kids Her Age are Busy with TikTok, This 19-Year-Old Girl Goes Viral for Earning PhD

A 19-year-old girl earned praise on the internet after she earned her PhD at such a young age, making her the youngest post-grad student not just in her home country of India but in the rest of Asia as well.

An impressive young student, Naina Jaiswal is not your usual ‘nerd and bookish’ girl who hid behind books and spent her days studying in the library. Instead, she excelled not just in academics but also in sports! Plus, she also enjoys doing art and playing music.

The ultimate genius and a multi-talented prospect, this outstanding student was homeschooled by her mother for 5 years, before her dad took over. Her dad used to run a school but upon realizing that his daughter had excellent potential, he focused on teaching her.

At just age 8, she was able to finish Class 10 and graduate from the level which is equivalent to completion of secondary school or high school.

The young girl from Hyderabad, India would be accepted in college shortly afterwards. She earned her degree in journalism at a tender age of 13, becoming the youngest journalism graduate in the country.

Photo credit: The Hans India / The Youth

But she did not stop with that achievement. Instead, she enrolled in a Master’s Degree which she completed at age 16 – at the age when most people are still in high school! She would later earn her PhD at the tender age of 19, making waves on social media for her impressive academic achievement.

A child prodigy, this young lady also knows how to play the piano, sing, and even write with both hands. She’s also a table tennis champion who won multiple titles not just in school but even in national and international competitions. She’s even one of the athletes who will represent India in the 2020 Olympics.

Plus, this girl is also great in the kitchen! What an impressive young woman.

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