Sapin-sapin Vendor Solves Math Problems on the Board, Admits He’s a Licensed Teacher

A sapin-sapin vendor surprised a class after he asked for chalk and tried solving their Math problems on the board. They readily indulged the vendor, but they would soon be greatly surprised because he actually knows that he was doing!

The vendor was identified as Norwin del Rosario, a vendor who sells sapin-sapin and other kakanin.

Photo credit: Bandila / Facebook

He shared that on that particular day, no one was really giving him any notice; no one was buying his food. So, as part of his gimmick, he asked for chalk and solved the Math problems a class was doing on the board at a school in Nabua, Camarines Sur.

Photo credit: Bandila / Facebook

Needless to say, the students were quite impressed that he, a kakanin vendor, was able to answer most of the questions correctly!

A student, Erika Jean Moyo Manzanilla, shared del Rosario’s video on her social media account – and netizens were just as impressed.

Photo credit: Bandila / Facebook

What many people do not know, however, is that the vendor had actually graduated from Bachelor of Arts in Economics. After taking extra units in education, he was also able to take the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) which he passed!

This means that this kakanin vendor is actually a licensed teacher! However, del Rosario admitted that though he is fully qualified to be a teacher, he chose to stay as kakanin vendor so he has more time to take care of his bedridden mother.

Photo credit: Bandila / Facebook

On slow days, he would just earn Php300 by selling sapin-sapin at schools in the area; but on better days, he earns as much as Php1,500.

Aside from selling the kakanin, he also helps students in school.

Photo credit: Bandila / Facebook

After his story went viral, a lot of people could not understand why he chose to become a sapin-sapin vendor instead of working in his profession. But others defended del Rosario’s choice, saying that being a teacher might give him higher earnings yet being a vendor allows him more time to take care of his mother – and the latter actually matters to him more.

Watch his story here:

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  1. It’s sad to say that at this age and time, the Phils still has no “dignity of labor.” So what if the gentleman is a sapin sapin salesman? What difference does that make of being a teacher? He is making an honest and decent living. Many teachers are drowned in “provident loans” for all I know. We should all acknowledge and praise his line of profession and continue to question the wrong doings of people in our surroundings.

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