Underprivileged Pinoy Works Way Up to Become an Engineer at Porsche in Dubai

Coming from an underprivileged family in the Philippines, Jayson Supan did not think that he would be able to reach for his dreams in life. But the young man was given the rare opportunity to study under the Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia (PTRCA) – and is now working as one of the brand’s engineers in Dubai!

Photo credit: Top Gear Philippines

The training center was set up by Porsche, through its local distributor PGA Cars, and the Don Bosco Technical Institute.

Jayson had no idea what Porsche is, but when he heard from an uncle about Don Bosco program sometime in 2008, he immediately applied. He was among the lucky ones accepted to the program and, after his graduation in 2010, he would become accepted as one of the German sports car brand’s engineers in Dubai.

Photo credit: Top Gear Philippines

The 27-year-old automotive mechanics engineer works at the prestigious Al Nabooda Automobiles Porsche Center in Dubai. Who would have thought that this once underprivileged Pinoy would end up working in Dubai, at no less than Porsche, huh?

Photo credit: Top Gear Philippines

According to Top Gear, Jayson was able to help improve his family’s life in the Philippines. He helps his parents build a better home in the outskirts of Manila with each remittance he sends to them. Thanks to his help, the family was able to buy a jeepney that his parents use to transport fruits and vegetables that they sell to the next town from.

His parents also keep each memento and memorabilia that Jayson sends back from his job at Porsche, including framed certificates of his achievements and Porsche scale-model cars.

Photo credit: Top Gear Philippines

Thanks to companies like Porsche and the PTRCA, underprivileged students like Jayson get a chance to have a better future. Kudos!

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