Triplets Cap University Life All as Cum Laude

Do you still get amazed when you hear news about triplets, or it doesn’t excite you anymore? If not, then let me introduce to you the Super Triplets.

Photo credit: Facebook / Ace Pagaran

Well, this one is not the typical triad you know who share the same mother and the same birth date. They’re not the usual siblings who went to the same school and took the same program.

What made them super triplets is the fact that they graduated from college together, all titled as Cum Laude!

Just wow!

Ace, Jack and King Pagaran surely played their cards wisely as students, making not only their professors proud, but most of all, their PARENTS who must be feeling luckier than the lotto winner. Having one of your children graduate with flying colors is already a reason for parents to be proud, what more if its triplets?

The three went to Isabela State University Cabagan Campus of the Provincial Technical Institute of Agriculture (PTIA) where they finished the degree in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

Having such honor, the triplets remained humble as they acknowledged the effort of those people who stood by them in the course of their journey. First on their list are their parents, Sonny and Leliza Pagaran.

Ace shared on his Facebook account how grateful he is to their mom and dad who struggled so hard to give them the best education even if it means being in deep debt. According to him, they never fail to support the three of them.

He also recognized all the effort and the help extended to them by their grandparents, aunties and uncles and relatives. He thanked them for sharing everything with them, making their bright future possible.

And last but never the least, Ace expressed his gratitude to the schools they have attended which contributed to their success—Naganacan Elementary School, The Sisters of Mary School Boystown Adlas Campus, and most significantly, Isabela State University Cabagan Campus of the Provincial Technical Institute of Agriculture who have given them their Triple Success!

Salute to this triplets! You surely made your momma and papa proud.

Source: Rachfeed

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