This Bunch of ‘Oldies’ Goes Viral for Attending High School Reunion in Their Uniforms

A bunch of ‘oldies’ recently went viral for attending their high school reunion in school uniforms! Adorable photos of these old grandmas and grandpas made a lot of netizens smile, even as they reminisce their own high school moments and wish they could also meet again like this bunch of cool ‘oldies’.

Many people feel that high school is the best time of their lives! Of all the times you are in school, there’s just something about high school that makes it a whole lot different from other periods of your life. Perhaps because it is often the time for many “firsts”, including first loves and first heartaches.

Photo credit: Sammy Pujalte /‎ Memories of Old Manila

This is also the period where most people find their best friends whom they would spend lots of fun moments together! And while they eventually grow apart after graduation because of college and career choices, the memories of high school last a lifetime.

Wow!!! Ang cute pala pag matatanda na ang nakauniform,” one netizen commented.

Binabalikan nla ung mga kalokohan nla nung bata 😂,” another netizen joked.

These photos were posted on Facebook page, Memories of Old Manila, by Sammy Pujalte who captioned the collage with, “Sarap magreunion tas suot ang high school uniform dati!

Photo credit: Sammy Pujalte /‎ Memories of Old Manila

According to a netizen, the photos were taken at the high school reunion of a batch from Dao Catholic High School in Tobias Fornier, Antique. But the photo uploader said the photos feature alumni from the “vmapa HS” (Victorino Mapa High School in San Miguel, Manila).

Many netizens agree with the uploader, saying that this would actually be a great idea for reunions! Instead of wearing gowns for gala events, old uniforms would actually be a good idea. Of course, it is also quite likely that they will no longer fit in their old school uniforms and might have to order a new set. But it is still a cute idea, right?

Photo credit: Sammy Pujalte /‎ Memories of Old Manila

Sana ganyan pag reunion hindi puro pasikatan 😂,” another netizen couldn’t help but add.

Here’s a video of their adorable parade:

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