Teen Mom Expresses Surprise after ‘Strict’ Teacher Carries Baby So She Can Take the Test

A lot of teachers have a reputation for being strict. And when a teacher is perceived as strict, many students are always on their toes, feeling afraid that they might make a mistake that would cause the teacher to get angry.

But even the strictest teachers have compassion in their hearts – and that’s something that one teen mom discovered after a ‘strict’ teacher carried her baby so she can take the test! Wow. Isn’t he sweet? This teacher might be strict to his class but he turns out to be a softie after all. We love this teacher!

Hershy Pabrea is a senior high school student at Gulang-Gulang National High School in Lucena City, Quezon. Although she got pregnant while still in school, Hershy is determined to finish her studies – even if that meant enduring the judgmental looks she received as she went to school with a pregnant belly.

Photo credit: Hershy Pabrea / Facebook

Even after giving birth to her son, Herven Greigh Israel P. Lobos, Hershy decided that she won’t quit school. So, on days when there’s no one to take care of the baby at home, she brings the child to school. Thankfully, most of her teachers and classmates were supportive.

But she really got the best surprise when one of her strict teachers actually helped her out during a quiz, taking Baby Herven so she can answer properly.


I just want to flex my teacher in Critical Thinking thankyou Sir Iji Alviso Sa pagkapit mo sa baby ko habang nag ququiz ako kahit mababa score ko kasi di ako nakapag review ng maigi madalaskasi itong teacher ko na ito lagi nya kapit yung question pag nagpapaquiz pero ng araw na ito ang kapit nya si bebe tapos nasa baba yung question . Salamat ulit sir napaka buti nyo.”

Hershy explained that Alviso teaches “Trends, Networks, and Critical Thinking in the 21st century”.

Dinala ko po ang baby ko kasi walang magbabantay sa bahay. Nagulat po ako na binuhat [ni teacher] ang baby ko. Na-touch po ako kasi sa social media ko lang siya nakikita,” Hershy explained.

Photo credit: Hershy Pabrea / Facebook

But the teacher was surprised with the post, explaining that he was only trying to help and that other teachers would have done the same thing.

Kaya naman gawin ’yun [ng] lahat ng teacher kung nabigyan ng pagkakataon. Nagkataon lang po na ako ang nasa ganoong sitwasyon,” Alviso said.

Hindi po kasi ako ’yung tipong teacher na kinagigiliwan ng lahat ng estudyante. Tradisyonal po kasi ako magturo kaya siguro din po tuwang-tuwa ang [aking mga] estudyante.

Thank you, Sir Alviso.

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