Teachers Use Own Money to Buy Uniforms, Shoes for Poor Brothers on Moving Up Ceremony

It is a sad reality in the Philippines and even in many parts of the world, even in first world countries, that there are families who are too poor to buy their kids proper uniforms and shoes to use for school. Many can’t even afford to send their kids to school, but even if they can because education is supposedly free, a lot do not have the money to buy their other needs.

Rayhana B. Muhamad shared photos of a heartwarming moment taken at a public school wherein two brothers were given brand new uniforms and black shoes by teachers for their Moving Up Ceremony.

Photo credit: Rayhana B. Muhamad / Facebook

In her post on Facebook, Rayhana detailed how the teachers noticed that the boys were the only ones not wearing their uniforms and were only using slippers for their Moving Up Ceremony.

Considering that this event is one of the highlights in a student’s life, the teachers took pity on the kids and decided that they buy the uniforms and shoes themselves.

Photo credit: Rayhana B. Muhamad / Facebook

While the teachers don’t have a lot of money, many of them contributed to the kids’ clothing while some rushed to the nearby department store to get the things that the boys needed.

Soon, the teachers were back at the school and several others rushed to help the kids dress up. It was heartwarming to see so many of the teachers helping out these kids, changing their clothes and putting their shoes on so that they can dress up like their classmates as they go on stage for their big moment.

Photo credit: Rayhana B. Muhamad / Facebook

Just in time for their names to be called, the brothers walked proudly up the stage with their brand-new uniforms and shoes! What a sweet moment.

Aside from the clothes, the teachers also gave the kids some additional money to celebrate their Moving Up, knowing their parents could not afford to provide for their needs.

Photo credit: Rayhana B. Muhamad / Facebook

The heartwarming act of kindness went viral, with many people praising these teachers for going beyond their call of duty to help these poor brothers.

Watch the heartwarming video here:


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