Teacher’s Son Shares Heartbreaking Photo of Tired Mom, Salutes All Teachers

A teacher’s son shared the heartbreaking photo of his tired mom sleeping chairs she lined up together – and this went viral, with people joining this young man in honoring teachers everywhere for their sacrifices.

So many teachers across the Philippines and even around the world spend many hours preparing their lessons, updating and upgrading their knowledge through seminars and trainings, more hours training their students to help build their future, and still more hours to create reports and evaluations.

A teacher’s job never ends because there are always tasks to do, day in and day out.

But teachers are not machines; they are people. They also get tired, especially when confronted with these seemingly endless tasks to deal with every single day. Sadly, many are also unappreciated and even blamed for students’ low grades and bad behaviors!

EJ Tayag was helping out his mother in her classroom one day when she told him she needed to get some rest because she hadn’t gotten enough sleep the previous night. She had a lot of school-related tasks to complete at home, leaving her very little time to sleep.

But the young man was puzzled where his mother would sleep in her classroom, until she told him that she always get to sleep on the chairs she would line up to create a makeshift bed. With four chairs lined up, EJ’s mom was able to have a spot to rest her tired body for a while before the class starts in the afternoon.

Photo credit: EJ Tayag / Facebook

Seeing this, the young man could not help but snap a photo and share this on his Facebook account. He showed the world what teachers often have to go through as he honored his mother and the many teachers like her who sacrifice their own comfort to make their students’ future bright…

Yung feeling na hindi nakakauwi si mama tuwing lunch dahil din sa mga ginagawa niya sa school tapos late pa siya nakakatulog dahil din sa mga reports at lesson plan na tinatapos niya. Kaya ayan yan na lang natatangi niyang oras matulog.

Kala kasi ng iba madali lang buhay ng isang guro. Tapos yung ibang mga estudyante pa ngayon kung bastusin ang mga guro. Pero wala na din minsan magawa ang mga ibang guro dahil sa batas na naka protekta sa mga estudyante na paano naman ang mga guro?

Tapos ang lakas pa sabihin ng ibang tao na hindi mabuting ihemplo ang nanay ko bilang isang guro? Wala sa guro at hindi naka depende sa guro ang kinabukasan ng isang estudyante, sila lang ang gagabay lamang patungo sa mga pangarap mo bilang estudyante.

Kaya kung hindi ka din magsusumikap, at kung panget din ang pagka tao mo e wag kana magtaka kung panget ang kakaharapin mo, dahil sa huli ikaw at ikaw pa rin ang gagawa ng kinabukasan mo. Hay saludo ako sa mga guro at lalo na sa mama ko!

Salute to all teachers!

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