Teacher Who Wears Damaged Shoes Gets Emotional After His Students Surprised Him with a New Pair of Footwear

They say that teachers are our second parents and that we should give them the same respect that we have for our parents. And rightfully so because our children spend five days of their week in school with their classmates and teachers.

In fact, and funny enough, there are times when our children believe what their teachers say more than their parents.

With the amount of time students and their teachers spend together, it is not surprising if the former learn more about the latter’s professional and personal life.

Just recently, a video of students surprising their teacher with a new pair of shoes has gone viral on Facebook. The said video was uploaded by a user named Michelle Legaspi from Laguna.

In her description, Mrs. Legaspi said that she cried and smiled at the same time while watching the video that was reportedly filmed by her child who’s one of the students on the viral video.

According to her, the Grade 12- Philemon students at Immaculate Heart of Mary School in San Pedro, Laguna have collected funds from their class to buy their teacher, Sir Cesar Punzalan, a new pair of shoes.

Mrs. Legaspi also shared that the students decided to buy Mr. Punzalan a new pair of footwear after seeing him wearing an old and damaged pair.

We have also known that Sir Cesar walks an hour a day from his home going to school and that he has a child who suffers from an illness. That might be the reason why he doesn’t buy himself a new pair of shoes or he just doesn’t want to purchase a new one until it’s totally worn out.

Whatever the reason is, it is totally touching for the students to show this kind of gesture for their teacher.

In the viral video, Mr. Punzalan walks in the classroom unsuspecting of anything until his students handed over a brown rectangular box tied with a ribbon. Plain and simple enough, the box contains a thing which will bring tears to him.

As he opened the box, Mr. Punzalan was not able to hold himself together and eventually gets teary-eyed as he witnessed the love his students have for him.

His students, on the other hand, told their teacher that the pair of shoes is just a “little thing” compared to the knowledge he has imparted to them.

With this heartwarming act of kindness, these Grade 12 students have set an example to other students out there to show love and respect to their teachers the same way they do for their parents.

Watch the viral video below:

Source/Credits: Facebook / Michelle Legaspi


  1. I am mrs.Michelle Legaspi thank u po for sharing the video like kopo tlga ipabot sa mga kbatabataan ang maging sensitive ,affectionate sa kapwa at willing to share and help someone in need at show reapect and love..thank u po uli at sana po may mabubuting puso dyn na mag share ng blessings po nila para kay sir.Cesar Punzalan 💖💖💖😇😇

  2. If I am not mistaken, he used to be our volleyball coach in a Paranaque subdivision. He and his family used to live here. He was such a very good-natured volleyball coach, no airs and such a gentleman. I think we are of the same age. He is such a straight guy in our community. He even used to play basketball here, tangerine team with Dawn Zulueta’s father as their co-player and manager. Such a very honest man too.

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