Teacher Shares Bittersweet Photos with Inspiring Kid Who Works as ‘Padyak’ Driver

A teacher recently shared bittersweet photos with an inspiring kid who works as ‘padyak’ driver on his free time. His story would impress a lot of people as well; with many hoping that he would be able to find help so he wouldn’t have to work so hard just to support himself and help his family.

Geline Torres Fajardo is a teacher in Meycauayan, Bulacan. She was with her friend, fellow teacher Paula Jolaira Nicolas Reyes, when a student offered to take them from the school to their home in a ‘padyak’.

Photo credit: Geline Torres Fajardo / Facebook

The vehicle is actually a bicycle that has a sidecar. The kid had to use his legs to power the bike and bring his teachers to their destination – and it is something that he actually does on a daily basis.

Fajardo was deeply saddened to learn that the boy works as ‘padyak’ driver; though she also felt admiration and pride that this young lad is doing his best to be responsible in life, despite his young age.

The teacher discovered that the kid actually works the ‘night shift’ on his ‘padyak’. He goes to school at 12 noon, but he would already start working at 5 PM right after the lessons have ended. The boy, whom the teacher identified as ‘Win-nie’, spends the rest of the evening working; he would go home at early dawn or morning.

Only then could he rest, before getting ready for his classes to start at midday.

Photo credit: Geline Torres Fajardo / Facebook

What made the teacher admire this kid more is that though he was obviously having a difficult time, he embraces his role as padyak driver and even makes sure they were comfortable and happy. The kid even cracked jokes to make them smile.

As her heart melted over this charming ‘padyak’ driver, Fajardo shared a wish that this kid would be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a seaman someday…

Dream on, Win-nie!

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