Teacher Pities Former Classmate Selling Fishball, Until He Knew the Vendor’s Earnings

It is said that education is the key to success – and that has been proven time and again by many graduates who were able to excel in life and had a successful career in their chosen fields. Yet not all degree-holders are successful in life; in the same way that not everyone who didn’t finish their studies are living a poor life.

In a story shared on Facebook by a certain Cath Conde Bugia, two former classmates saw each other by chance. One was able to finish college and become a teacher while the other wasn’t able to graduate and was ‘stuck’ with selling fishball.

At first, the teacher took pity on his former classmate, somewhat blaming him for being just a fishball vendor because he didn’t do his best in school. But the pity party didn’t last long when the teacher learned how much the vendor was actually earning!

Example of a fishball vendor, Photo credit: Heygem / YouTube

The story went this way:

May isang magkaklase nung high school ang nagkita after 10 years. Ang isa ay naging teacher at ang isa ay naging fishball vendor.

👦Teacher: Manong 5pisong fishball nga.

👨Fishball vendor: Pre, kamusta na?

👦Teacher: Uy ikaw pala pre! Eto pre, teacher na! Ikaw Kamusta na?

👨Fishball vendor: Eto pre, simpleng fishball Vendor. Buti ka pa pre!

👦Teacher: Dapat kasi pre nag aral ka!

👨Fishball vendor: Oo nga pre eh.

👦Teacher: Eh di sana pre, 18k/month din kita mo.Magkano ba kita mo dyan pre?

👨Fishball vendor: 1,500 per day pre. May dalawa pa akong cart at may tagabenta ako. Iba pa yung kinikita ko dun. Magkasakit man ako, at di makapagbenta, may kita parin ako… Nakabili narin ako ng lupa pre dahil sa pagbebentang fishball. Plano ko magpatayo ng apartment.

😬Teacher: (Speechless)

At this point, it was clear who lives a better life and earns more money, huh? But the netizen who posted the story did not recommend for students to quit their studies and become a fishball vendor who earns more money. After all, while this fishball vendor does earn more than his former classmate who works as teacher, not all vendors earn this much money!

According to Bugia, the moral lesson of the story is this:

“Always remember, DO NOT LET YOUR SCHOOLING AFFECT YOUR EDUCATION.Having a Degree is good..pero Hindi guarantee ng pag asenso ang diploma.. Tamang sistema ang kailangan mo para umasenso…”

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