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Teacher Marries Former Student He Had Relationship with Since She was Just 13 Years Old

It is said that love moves in mysterious ways and that you can find it in the most unexpected places. But do we really have to act on our feelings, even if doing so is ‘wrong’ in the eyes of society?

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Such was the dilemma faced by a high school teacher who fell in love with his 13-year-old student. Would he pursue the relationship or wait until she’s an adult to court her?

Photo credit: Vinda Virginia / Facebook

Erwin Pangaila of Amurang, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia was already 27 years old when he met Vinda Virginia, just 13 years old and his student at a local high school at the time.

Photo credit: Vinda Virginia / Facebook

Single and a popular figure in school, the teacher was the crush of many students who tried their best to make their teacher notice them more as a woman, albeit a very young one, than as a student.

Photo credit: Vinda Virginia / Facebook

Of course, these students really just had a crush on Erwin, not love, as most of them were also busy with having crushes with their classmates and schoolmates. But Vinda felt that Erwin was ‘The One’ for her.

Photo credit: Vinda Virginia / Facebook

Though the teacher did not really show interest in Vinda at first, owing to their age gap and the fact that he is her teacher, the young lady was intent on pursuing this much older guy. She made plans to stay later than her classmates to ask him for help in her lessons, even if she actually knows how to answer her assignments.

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Spending each afternoon with the teacher was a successful tactic, because Erwin would soon fall in love with Vinda. At 13, she really was too young to be in a relationship with a 27-year-old man – and he’s her teacher! But the two would prove to the world that it is possible to have such a relationship without ruining the young woman’s future.

Photo credit: Vinda Virginia / Facebook

Instead of a classmate, it was Teacher Erwin who would escort Vinda to the prom.

As she studied in college, their relationship became even stronger. After all, they are now free to love each other compared when Erwin was still her teacher. Vinda met a lot of guys in high school and college, yet her love was really just for her former teacher, Erwin.

Photo credit: Vinda Virginia / Facebook

Seven years after they became a couple, Erwin and Vinda got married.

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There were those who still frown at the fact that he’s a cradle-snatcher who was also her teacher at the time. Double trouble?

Photo credit: Vinda Virginia / Facebook

Still, a lot of people praised them for being able to hurdle all the challenges in their relationship and for not letting society dictate what they should do or how they should feel…

Photo credit: Vinda Virginia / Facebook

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  1. Jayson Rey A Medenilla

    True love waits! Love knows no boundaries!

  2. That’s true love! Number will never be a hindrance if love truly comes. 💕💞

    Btw, I’m in love with a man who’s older than me. We have 14 years gap and I don’t mind it ‘coz I love him so so much. I tried so many times to not to care or nurture what I felt before but I just can’t resist. He’s my only pill. And I can’t imagine my life being happy without him.

  3. I remembered my crush back when I was 14. He’s way older that me and I liked him so much. But then, we’re not meant for each other, so we just moved on and hello! I’m 20 now and he’s got his wife and child, anyways congrats!

  4. The most important thing is, he keep their relationship without ruining her future. I don’t see something is wrong with this kind of relationship as long as they know the crossline and only going further when the time is really right. Sometimes I just don’t understand those who scrutinizing people like this couple.

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