Teacher in the Middle of Online Class, Gets Told by Sister to Wash the Dishes

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, plenty of governments have issued lockdowns or community quarantine orders. Companies were told to arrange telecommuting options or other ways for the employees to bring their jobs at home. Schools arranged for online classes.

While online jobs have actually been popular for a long time, many newbies in the arrangement are facing a number of difficulties. But even in the past, online jobs do have their disadvantages – and one was shown so hilariously by a teacher who got interrupted in the middle of her online class, as her sister tells her to wash the dishes! LOL.

Photo credit: Ira Abrigo / Facebook

Ira Abrigo, a teacher who lives in Quezon City, Philippines, recently shared a video taken while she was having an online class in her bedroom. The teacher was about to start a discussion with her students in a video call when her sister opened the door and told her that their mom asked her to wash the dishes.

Hirap pag online class tapos bigla kang uutusan maghugas ng plato!” Teacher Ira wrote on her Facebook account as she shared the funny video.

At first, though, she was embarrassed and quickly moved to cover the camera while telling her sister that she’s having a class. The video got a lot of laughs from the online community, with many freelancers commenting that they can easily relate with Teacher Ira’s experience.

Photo credit: Ira Abrigo / Facebook

While it was, indeed, a bit embarrassing, Teacher Ira managed to find the situation funny in the end.

Si maam inutusan mag hugas ng plato…” a netizen commented.

Hugas ka daw kasi muna,” someone posted.

Some netizens commented that her sister should have been the one washing the dishes because she is still having her online class, but others praised Teacher Ira for being humble and responsible as she still helps at home.

Here’s the funny video:


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