Teacher Gives ‘Answers’, Lets Students Figure Out Questions in ‘Plot Twist’ Exam

Netizens are having a good laugh over a teacher’s ‘plot twist’ exam, but also praised him for his clever way of making a test paper. Instead of the usual exam wherein the teacher provides the questions and the students have to choose the correct answer, this educator gives them the ‘answers’ and lets them figure out the questions!

Former Commissioner at the Office of the President – National Youth Commission (NYC) and now a teacher in Iloilo City, JP Peñol made waves online for his clever ‘plot twist’ test paper. He posted a snapshot of how the test paper looks – and it seems that his students were quick to adapt to the unique exam style.

PLOT TWIST. Ako naman nagbigay ng sagot tapos mga students gumawa ng tanong. 😂 2 points each!” Peñol shared on his Facebook account.

Photo credit: JP Peñol / Facebook

That’s a novel way of making an exam, but many netizens said that it was actually a good idea. While the students are used to picking the right answers to the test questions, actually providing them the answers and making them think of what question might have been asked will improve their thinking and logical reasoning skills.

This is a very innovative way to test students!” someone commented with a clap and ‘100’ emojis.

But another netizen laughing asked whether the ‘questions’ the students had to fill in the blanks are still questions or will now be treated as ‘answers’.

So kung ung sagot sa exam ay tanong, tanong pa rin ba tawag dun?” the netizen wrote. Now, that’s a good question! But Peñol readily answered, “Answer na ang tawag doon hehehe.

It’s good that this teacher has a creative way of making the exams. Have you tried this before?

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