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Teacher Edits Class Picture to Include Absent Students, Netizens Joke about ‘Favoritism’

A teacher is jokingly accused of ‘favoritism’ after she edited the class picture to include the absent students but the three appeared to be the highlight of the photo instead of just joining their class. Ooooops.

Class pictures are important as a sweet memento to remind students and teachers of the batch. Thus, it is important that everyone is present to join the picture. More often than not, schools commission a photographer to take the formal class photos.

Often, the class has to be in complete uniform. If there are those who don’t have proper uniform or had arrived in school with incomplete uniforms, the teachers often ask them to borrow from another class so they can all look great in the pictures.

But what happens if someone or several students are absent? Because the school commissioned the photographers, it is unlikely that they will come back just to accommodate the absentee students. That’s why teachers often encourage the class to be in school on the dates they are supposed to have the class picture.

Still, things don’t always go as planned – and teachers know how to improvise.

Photo credit: Chona Isabel Manaois Castillo / Facebook

At Muzon National High School in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, there were three absent students when the class of teacher Chona Isabel Manaois Castillo had their photo taken. The teacher wanted to make sure that everyone is included in the class picture, of course; thus, she decided to remedy the picture with some edits.

Complete,” Teacher Chona wrote on her Facebook account, sharing the class photo with all the students.

But though she is a licensed professional teacher for sure, she’s not a professional photoshop artist. And in her excitement to include all the kids in the picture, she forgot to scale them property to, at least, look like they were part of the class photo.

So, the class photo had two ‘super tall’ students at both sides while a really huge giant stood at their back. Netizens joked that it is not hard to tell who among the students are the teacher’s favorites! LOL.

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