Teacher Discovers Kids’ ‘Vlog’ on Her Phone When She Got Out of the Room for a While

Hindi ko kayang itago lang ito. Sino po ba ang ka-hotdog ng batang ito?” Teacher Nica A. Mojica wrote as she shared the cute video of her students making a ‘vlog’ on her phone when she got out of the room for a while.

The funny video would soon go viral, gaining over 375k views on the teacher’s Facebook page before it was reposted on other social media channels and news sites.

It turned out that the teacher had just gone out of her classroom for a while, but the kids noticed that she had left her phone behind. She had most likely given them something to do while she was out, but the temptation to use the phone was so strong that one of the kids picked it up and created a ‘vlog’.

Hi, mga ka-hotdog! Nandito po tayo sa YouTube channel,” the little girl started the adorable ‘vlog’ while her classmates shouted in the background.

May mga iba po’ng teacher dito ay nagtuturo po sa amin. Nagpapasalamat po kami na may natutunan kami…

Photo credit: Nica A. Mojica / Facebook

She trailed off. Perhaps it was at this point that they heard Teacher Nica’s footsteps going back to the room. The class kept the ‘vlog’ a secret and went back to their respective seats.

It was only much later when Teacher Nica checked her phone’s gallery that she discovered the kids’ hilarious and oh-so-adorable video. She had a good laugh over the ‘vlog’ and just had to post this for good vibes.

Don’t leave your things unattended. HAHAHAHA. Tawang tawa ‘ko pag check ko ng gallery,” Teacher Nica wrote on her post – and we certainly agree!

Photo credit: Nica A. Mojica / Facebook

But the kids are so cute that netizens simply love their adorable ‘vlog’. They could be famous vloggers someday, huh?

Check out this video and have a good laugh at these cute kids:


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