Teacher Buys Pizza and Coke Float to Motivate Students While Taking Their Exams

As second parents to their students, teachers know that they must also do their best to motivate the kids to do better in school. And while you can’t really say that it is the teacher’s fault if the kids don’t feel motivated enough to study hard and ace their tests, it’s always great to see the educators putting in some effort to give their kids the motivation they needed to do their best.

Arnulfo Burlas, Jr., who goes as ‘Ser Jun’ on Facebook, recently went viral for the wonderful way he motivates his students.

Photo credit: Ser Jun / Facebook

Working as teacher for Junior High School at the Immaculate Conception Archdiocesan School (ICAS) in Zamboanga City, Ser Jun had a rather delicious way of making sure his students will work hard in their studies.

In what appears to be a periodical test or what was surely a major exam, Ser Jun got the kids some pizza and Coke float!

Photo credit: Ser Jun / Facebook

Making sure that the kids will be motivated to work hard on their test, the teacher bought the food items right before heading to this class. As the exam started, he arranged the pizza and the Coke float on the teacher’s table.

How to motivate your students during exam?” Ser Jun wrote, adding some emoticons to the post.

A lot of netizens wished their teachers also had the same way of motivating their students; though many pointed out that Ser Jun has a rather expensive way of motivating his class because Coke float and pizza don’t come cheap!

Photo credit: Ser Jun / Facebook

Considering that teachers don’t usually earn a lot of money, it is wonderful that Ser Jun shelled out some of his money just to make his class do better in school.

While some spoilsport netizens commented that this is not motivation because they would still get the food even if they did not study or have a good mark on the test, others replied that he must have made a deal with his students to try their best before he actually got them the food. Plus, the students know that they should do better so there might be a repeat to this after-exam treat!

Photo credit: Ser Jun / Facebook

Some netizens joked that if they were in Ser Jun’s class, they won’t be motivated at all because the scent of the pizza and the sight of that Coke float would make them think only of food while taking the test! LOL.

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  1. Very motivating indeed. More so for the coke float, packed with sugar. Might slow down some students and speed up others. If taken after exam, big distraction! LOL

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