Supportive Kuya Creates Stunning Gown for Sister’s JS Prom

Gowns are so expensive to buy or even rent these days, particularly near dates with popular special events such as the yearly Junior-Senior (JS) prom held by most schools, often in February. So, one kuya (elder brother) decided to simply make one for his sister – and the results was so impressive that this kuya absolutely wins the Best Kuya and Best Designer awards the internet could ever give! Do you agree?

Maverick Francisco Oyao shares the story of how the gown came to be, later sharing that a Bachelor of Culture and Arts Education student, not a designer. But despite the limited experience with making a gown, this elder brother exceeded expectations with the impressive gown he managed to create in just a little over 1 week.

The untold story of a loving kuya 😊 I did not expect na magagawa ko to on time. I even doubted my self kung magagawa ko ba ‘to o hinde kasi naman diba iba ang concept sa ginagawa na. But God is really good. Di niya ako pinabayaan. At may isa na namang bunsong kapatid ang napasaya ni kuya,” Maverick wrote.

Although he had a very limited time to work on the gown, this loving kuya, who also happens to be a student himself, managed to complete the gown before his sister’s big event.

What’s so amazing is that despite having limited experience in gown making, this young man was able to create a spectacular gown! Definitely impressive, right?

I’ve done my part very well as your supportive kuya and hinding hindi ako magsasawa na supprtahan ka pramis ni kuya mo yan sayo 🙈💯 I hope I make you happy this Valentines Day. Ket di man natin nakuha ang wish mo na best dress pero for me it was the best dress and the best kasi ikaw me suot 😂😊 mahal na mahal ka ni kuya mo 😘💯” this loving kuya wrote.

Though his sister did not win the coveted “Best Dress” award, Maverick still feels so proud of what he was able to achieve – and so happy that he was able to make his sister happy.

Image credits: Maverick Francisco Oyao / Facebook

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