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Students Raise Funds for Teacher Who Didn’t have Salary for 2 Months

Teaching is a noble profession – and many teachers will tell you that a lot of them don’t even get paid enough, yet they have to cover for the students’ needs in school because a number of students don’t have money to buy school supplies or food.

But there are times when the teachers are the ones in need, and it’s quite amazing to see the students do their best to help the teachers. This simply means that they appreciate the teacher so much!

Photo credit: Bruno Rafael Paiva / Facebook

Bruno Rafael Paiva is probably one of the best teachers in the world, because when the students learned that he didn’t have a salary for 2 months, they raised funds so he could have money even if they were not really rich.

Teacher Bruno was hired by a school in Brazil to substitute for a pregnant teacher. He was promised a good salary.


Photo credit: Bruno Rafael Paiva / Facebook

As with most teachers, Teacher Bruno did his best to teach the students even if he will only be there for 2 months. In just that short span of time, he became more than just a mentor to these children but also a friend they could easily count on.

Photo credit: Bruno Rafael Paiva / Facebook

At the end of his teaching stint at the school, however, they refused to pay him for the services he rendered. The administration argued that he was not on the payroll; thus, he is not entitled to the salary they had previously promised.

Despite his best efforts to collect from the school, Teacher Bruno found the school staff uncooperative. They refused to pay him up.

Photo credit: Bruno Rafael Paiva / Facebook

When the students learned this, they took pity on the teacher who had been their mentor and friend the past 2 months. So, they decided to surprise him by raising funds so that he could have some money.

Photo credit: Bruno Rafael Paiva / Facebook

The class was able to raise $359! The teacher was certainly surprised over the gesture, especially because the students told him they believe he greatly deserved more for what he had done for them, yet this was the only money they could raise by themselves.

Photo credit: Bruno Rafael Paiva / Facebook

This simply goes to show that Teacher Bruno is awesome! Congratulations!

Watch the heartwarming video here:

Não sou de postar emoções pessoais. Mas essa foi muito forte e decidi dividir com amigos. Hoje quando entrei na sala do 1° #Edificações, a sala que mais dou aula e a mais danada kkkk, tive uma surpresa que realmente não estava preparado. Vai fazer dois meses e meio que dou aula e ainda não recebi nem mesmo o primeiro salário. Vida de professor não é fácil. O estado faz você trabalhar muito pra receber tudo de uma vez e você precisa segurar as pontas sozinho. Esse mês quando vi que não ia receber depois de um mês e meio de trabalho, vi tudo ficar preto, afundei na depressão preocupado e perdido sem saber como ia pagar as contas e ajudar minha família que está de mudança e com muitas das barreiras da vida. Esses alunos ficaram sabendo da minha situação financeira, minha dificuldade pra continuar na escola e por estar até dormindo em local emprestado já que não sou da cidade de Brejo santo, e sem me contar nada, correram atrás de comprar uma cesta da cacau show, fazer uma Rifa, correr que nem doidos pra poder vender todas na escola e arrecadar 400 reais para me ajudar. Tenho muitas salas que amei de coração ser professor, mas nunca nenhuma sala demonstrou tamanho amor, ajuda e carinho por meu trabalho de professor como o 1° #Edificações fez hoje. São alunos como eles, que me fazem ainda acreditar na Educação do país, acreditar no amor ao próximo, na compaixão de se colocar no lugar do próximo, e acreditar principalmente, no respeito e amor do aluno para com o #Professor de sua escola. MUITO OBRIGADO 1° EDIFICAÇÕES!!!VOCÊS SÃO O FUTURO QUE EU QUERO SEMPRE ACREDITAR 😁🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️PS: Se pudesse compartilhava esse vídeo pra todo Brasil ver que existem sim muitos alunos que respeitam, amam e são gratos ao professor que tem na sua escola. Quem quiser pode compartilhar ^ ^PS 2: Desculpem a cara de chorão parecendo uma criança de 8 anos. kkkkkkkkkMy Campaign to help mehttps://www.gofundme.com/helping-teacher-bruno-and-studentsMy oficial page/ Minha página oficial https://www.facebook.com/Professor-Bruno-Paiva-181407899190616/In English I am not to post personal emotions. But this one was very strong and I decided to share it with friends.Today when I entered the room of the 1st # Edification, the room I teach the most and the most damn kkkk, I had a surprise that really was not prepared.It will take me two and a half months to teach and I have not even received my first salary. Teacher life is not easy. The state makes you work hard to get everything at once and you have to hold the ends alone. This month when I saw that I was not going to receive after a month and a half of work, I saw everything going black, I sank into the depression worried and lost without knowing how to pay the bills and help my family that is changing and with many of the barriers of life . These students learned about my financial situation, my difficulty to continue in school and to be sleeping on the premises because I'm not from the city of Brejo santo, and without telling me anything, they ran after buying a basket of cocoa show, do a raffle, running like crazy to be able to sell all in school and raise 400R$ reais to help me.I have many rooms that I have loved in my heart to be a teacher, but no room has ever shown such love, help and affection for my teacher's work as the # #Edification did today. They are students like me, who still make me believe in the education of the country, believe in the love of others, in the compassion of putting oneself in the place of others, and believe mainly in the respect and love of the student towards the #Professor of his school.THANK YOU 1 ° BUILDINGS !!!YOU ARE THE FUTURE I ALWAYS BELIEVE 😁🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️PS: If you could share this video for all Brazil, there are many students who respect, love and are grateful to the teacher they have in their school. Anyone can share it ^ ^PS 2: Sorry for the crying face looking like an 8 year old. kkkkkkkkk

Posted by Bruno Rafael Paiva on Tuesday, 15 May 2018

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  1. Great job for these students. Faith in youth restored. 👏

    Though these students didn’t have to do this if only the school is paying their teachers properly. I hope the school will be properly investigated and sued. No teacher should have to suffer worrying like this. I mean, what if the students weren’t able to raise the funds? Just what will happen to this teacher if he was really in need?! The school was obviously exploiting him. Teachers actually deserve more because without teachers, there will be no doctors, engineers, architects, artists, and all the other jobs in the world. 🤬

  2. That’s so sweet of them.. Maybe he’s a really good teacher too
    Thank you for spreading this wonderful news
    Have a great day!

  3. As much as I am happy with the kind and sweet gesture of his students, I am likewise enraged about the reasoning of the school administration for not giving him a salary. Can’t he file a labor case against the school tho?

  4. This has been one of the best stories I have ever read…. I am a teacher and this reminded me also of my two months substitute for a pregnant teacher… It brought flashback to me… Thank you for this one.

  5. My tears fell down.
    So inspiring. Teachers must get what is for them..
    Salute students.
    Salute sir

  6. This has been one of the most inspiring stories I’ve read. There is always goodness in our youth. We just need to believe and see the potentials in each of them. I’m a teacher and am always proud of being one.

  7. We, teachers should also be treated like some other profession.. Honestly, we don’t have these brilliant engineers, lawyers, doctors, etc. if not because of our teachers. Sir Paiva don’t deserves this. But then again, I’m very inspired and I salute these students of what they did.

  8. I am brought to tears. This is really touching. This is why teachers do what they do, the love they receive from their students restores faith in humanity. I hope he finds a teaching job from a decent school.

  9. I’ve heard a lot of people bashing teachers for complaining about their “low” salaries. Most people say that they don’t have the rights to complain about it since they’re already paid more than the teachers deserve. They ignore the fact that it’s difficult to adjust in a classroom full of students with different personalities, histories, and levels of learning. The teachers are also buying learning materials using money from their own pockets. They wake up early and sleep late at night to check test papers, make lesson plans, make videos or presentations for their classes and make sure that these are fit for every type of student, etc.

  10. Wow! such a wonderful scenario……hope this story will open the heart of those who are in person of interest, in short those who are trouble maker! Thank you students for loving us, God bless you all!

  11. I can’t help it my tears fell down. It’s so inspiring you deserve more than that. They loved you so much

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