Student’s Impressive Typewriter-Like Penmanship Goes Viral

A typewriter is known for its evenly spaced output using a fixed set of letters and symbols. This was later copied and improved by the computer, but rarely could people reproduce the same kind of output. People’s penmanship is just so different from the distinct appearance of a typewriter’s output.

Photo credit: Renato Jumawan Jr. / Facebook

But a student of La Salle University – Ozamiz in Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental in southern Philippines recently went viral for his impressive typewriter-like penmanship. It’s actually quite unbelievable the student, identified as Renato Jumawan Jr., would be able to achieve such a feat.

Clean, evenly spaced, and written in a similar manner as the font style that people have come to associate with the typewriter, Renato’s penmanship is just so unbelievable! He could probably write an entire book by hand – and you wouldn’t be able to tell whether it was made using a typewriter or just Renato’s amazing penmanship.

Photo credit: Rexy Anne Lozada Bañez / Facebook

Impressed by his work, Teacher Rexy Anne Lozada Bañez posted photos of Renato’s work on her Facebook account.

“Flexin’ my student’s amazing penmanship 😳😯

Mura jud ug gigamitan ug typewriter 😁

Mapapa-sana all ka nalang 😀”

Photo credit: Rexy Anne Lozada Bañez / Facebook

The assignment written by Renato definitely looks like it was typewritten on that piece of ½ crosswise intermediate paper or printed out with Courier or similar font style on the computer.

Taking up the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management (BSBA-FM) program, Renato’s typewriter-like penmanship is quite handy in making financial reports and calculations like the one in his assignment.

Photo credit: Renato Jumawan Jr. / Facebook

His impressive handwriting won’t be enough to make his course, of course, but it would be a great tool in his studies. After all, the neat handwriting ensures that he won’t be confused with his own handwriting (unlike many people!) and the teacher would be able to easily read his work.

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