Student with Stage 4 Condition Passes Board Exams, Experiences Heartbreak in Job Interview

Despite battling her condition since 2014, with doctors telling her family to bring her home because there’s nothing they could do to save her life, Jessa Marie S. Malate proved them all wrong as she passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) in 2019.

But while she managed to overcome her stage 4 condition as she was able to study and pass the board exams, it would still become the hindrance for her to get a job. Recently, she shared the heartbreaking experience she had while in a job interview.

Photo credit: Jessa Marie S. Malate / Facebook

She was excited and ready for the job, but the interviewers quickly noticed her big stomach and thought she was pregnant. Apparently, pregnant women were not allowed to apply for the job. The interviewers were surprised to learn that while she isn’t pregnant, she is actually sick. She’s so sick, in fact, that the stage 4 condition affecting her liver has spread to other areas of her body.

Despite being sick, Jessa strives hard to reach for her dreams. She even has good grades. But such were not enough for her to land the job. The interviewers reminded her that the manual stipulates, “Teacher should be a physically fit/healthy.

Photo credit: Jessa Marie S. Malate / Facebook

Kaya kahit siguro mataas ang grades mo o mameet mo yung standard baka mahirapan ka parin makapasok dahil sa sitwasyon mo or ang nasa itaas nalang ang dapat magdesisyon kung papayagan ka talaga o hndi kasi sa totoo lang hndi pwede yan, hindi naman sa dinadown ka namin pero baka lang mahirapan ka iniisip lang namin sitwasyon mo at baka ibully ka lang ng mga estudyante mo,” one of the interviewers told her.

It hurt a lot because she really wanted to teach and to also earn money for her treatments. She wrote on Facebook:

Photo credit: Jessa Marie S. Malate / Facebook

“Gusto ko pang mabuhay nang mahaba😭.

Gusto ko pang magturo.

Gusto ko na magtrabaho.

Panganay ako at kailangan ko ng tumulong sa pamilya ko para mapag aral ang mga kapatid ko.

Gusto ko nang gumaling.

Gusto ko nang magawa yung mga bagay na nalilimitan dahil sa sakit ko.”

A number of netizens suggested that Jessa should just find a job as online teacher. Aside from trying to find a job as teacher, though, Jessa operates an online shop (Jessa OlShoppe) to earn some extra cash. Netizens can help by buying from her store.

One of her friends also launched a fundraising campaign by selling t-shirts, with all proceeds going to her treatment.

She also accepts donations through these channels:

BDO Acct.

Judy Ann Malate Tuzon

0000 2035 9896






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