Student Teacher Earns Praise for Working on Final Demo Even While Hospitalized

All teachers know how difficult it can be for a student teacher to prepare for the final demo, knowing that this final test in an Education student’s life is also the final requirement before graduation. In short, you can’t graduate if you didn’t pass the final demo!

For this reason, an Education student went viral after he shared photos of himself busy working on materials for his final demo despite the fact that he was confined at the hospital.

Photo credit: Jud Gaoilan / Facebook

Jud Gaoilan shared several photos from the hospital as he wrote cut some visual aids and wrote on a yellow cartolina while his hand was obviously attached to an IV line.

Kahit naka Confine ako dito sa Hospital , gagawin ko lahat matapos ko lang to. Para sa Final Demo💪🏻,” Gaoilan shared.

Photo credit: Jud Gaoilan / Facebook

It was impressive that this young student did not mind the hardships he had to face as he made the visual aids, as long as he is able to complete what he needed to make for the final demo.

A lot of people were also quite impressed to see that this dedicated student’s handwriting still looks awesome on that cartolina despite the fact that his right hand, the one he needed for writing, was connected to an IV line. A number of netizens commented that their handwriting does not even come close this even if their hands were free! LOL.

Photo credit: Jud Gaoilan / Facebook

Many also expressed admiration on Gaoilan, saying he would surely become a dedicated teacher in the future, judging by how he is doing his best to work on his final demo despite being in the hospital.

Photo credit: Jud Gaoilan / Facebook

Thankfully, Gaoilan and his classmates passed the final demo!

The young student teacher posted an update on his Facebook page that they had completed the final demo. He thanked the teachers for their support – and also the netizens who gave him encouraging words.

Photo credit: Jud Gaoilan / Facebook

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