Student Praised for Reading Bible While Waiting for Classmates to Finish Test

A lot of teachers know how frustrating it can be when students start talking to each other after they are done with their seatwork or test, even when the others are still not finished with what needs to be done.

So, one teacher was quite impressed to see a girl in her class sitting quietly even when she was already finished with her test. What’s even more impressive is that this girl was reading the Bible!

Photo credit: Lorelie Uyanib Enriquez / Facebook

Lorelie Uyanib Enriquez shared photos of her student, a girl identified as Freya Donoso.

Flex ko lang ang pupil ko! 💕

I was giving a Summative test early this morning since we were not able to finish it last Friday. I roamed around to check on them and to my surprise, I saw my pupil reading a Bible. I asked her if she finished answering her test. She said she did and she already reviewed her answers. She added that she wanted to read the Bible on her free time instead of talking to her seatmate. She is excited to finish another chapter she is reading.

The teacher praised the girl’s parents for raising such a child. The girl was not told to read the Bible, yet she did this on her own. She even expressed that she was excited to continue reading.

Photo credit: Lorelie Uyanib Enriquez / Facebook

Shout out sa parents sini nga bata (of this child)! Good job! You raised her well. I think she really applies what she read in her life because she is indeed well-mannered.

I really had a heavy heart today, but God used this little girl to remind me to pause for a while and read God’s words and promises for me.

Sana All. ❤️

The girl’s mother, Rexcel de Jesus, was surprised to learn that her daughter has gone viral for the Bible-reading moment. She feels blessed.

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