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Student from Nepal Catches Attention with Impressive Handwriting

A student from Nepal has caught the world’s attention with her impressive handwriting – and you are surely going to be amazed at how she is able to write so beautifully!

Prakriti Malla, a student of 8th standard at a military boarding high school called Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya in Nepal, surprised everyone with the beautiful handwriting. With so many people having such bad handwriting that they are sometimes confused by something they had actually written, it is surprise that Prakriti’s beautiful penmanship would go viral.

Photo credit: Twitter / @AhmedIbb_

A photo of an essay that the young student wrote would soon go across the far reaches of the world wide web, with most netizens expressing their amazement. Many could not help but point out that the content of her essay is actually impressive as well. A lot of netizens were focused on her handwriting that they forgot to really read and admire what the girl had written.

Handwriting is an essential skill both for children and adults. Even in this modern age of technology, it remains the primary tool of communication and assessing knowledge for students in the classroom. The demands for it are great, whether in the classroom or beyond,” the girl wrote as part of the essay, also citing her sources.

In the paper, she continued to argue about the merits of having a good handwriting.

Like it or not, even in our machine-driven world, people still judge you by your handwriting,” the girl quoted her source, a certain ‘Florey’.

It is hard to argue with that one!

Photo credit: Twitter / @AhmedIbb_

For her impressive penmanship, the young woman received an award from the Government of Nepal and its Armed Forces. Her handwriting was touted by the Nepal Government as the best in the world. Many netizens agreed and urged Microsoft to add Prakriti’s unique handwriting as a font style on MS Word and related products…

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