Student Copies Notes on Banana Leaf, Earns Admiration from His Teacher

These days, a lot of students don’t bother taking down notes because they have smartphones they can use to take pictures of their teachers’ instructions and lectures. Of course, that’s an easier way to get things done, but many teachers still want their students to copy notes for better retention of the lessons.

Arcilyn Balbin Azarcon, a licensed professional teacher at Lianga National Comprehensive High School in Poblacion, Lianga, Surigao del Sur, recently shared photos of her student who uses a banana leaf for taking down notes.

Photo credit: Arcilyn Balbin Azarcon / Facebook

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, the teacher shared that she had instructed the students to copy what she’s writing on the board. After she was done writing on the board, the teacher roamed around the classroom to check whether her students were, indeed, copying. She was surprised to find that one of the students was using a banana leaf as notebook!

Photo credit: Arcilyn Balbin Azarcon / Facebook

After the class finished copying the notes, they went to Azarcon’s table to have their work checked. Just like the other kids, the boy with the banana leaf notebook also lined up for his teacher to check on his work. He gladly asked the teacher to check his notes so he could also earn points, just like his classmates.

Photo credit: Arcilyn Balbin Azarcon / Facebook

The teacher happily did so. Then, she shared the boy’s photos to serve as inspiration for other students to strive harder to copy their notes.

Photo credit: Arcilyn Balbin Azarcon / Facebook

She wrote a note for all students, telling them to exert an effort to write on their notebooks, instead of simply taking photos for their notes. While she acknowledges that it’s the 21st century; thus, the students also have gadgets and other modern equipment to take photos, it is still important for the students to WRITE the notes on their notebooks.

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