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Student Breaks ‘Alkansiya’, Shares Money with His Classmates Amid Crisis

A student breaks his ‘alkansiya’ (coin bank) so he could share the money with his classmates amid the crisis. His kind deed inspired the community.

Jerik “Ninio” Paiwas studies at the Education Training Center School 1 in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. The young man is also a Taekwondo champion who represented the school and the country on numerous occasions.

Photo credit: DepEd Philippines / Facebook

The last time he represented the country in South Korea, his classmates contributed money for his extra allowance. So, when the pandemic hit the country and someone asked him for some food, the boy did not hesitate to share what money he had.

According to his mother, Nancy Paiwas, someone messaged Ninio to ask for food. The young man took pity on his classmate and decided to help out. He told his mother to give the prize money he won in South Korea to his classmate’s family. But they had already spent the money to prepare for the Regional Athletic Meet which was later canceled.

Photo credit: DepEd Philippines / Facebook

So, Ninio thought about opening his alkansiya, instead. The kid had been saving money for some time, putting a portion of his allowance inside a teddy bear coin bank and a softdrink bottle.

Upon learning that his prize money had already gone to his training, Ninio offered the contents of his alkansiya. His mother shared photos of the young lad’s alkansiya to the rest of the family who also gave some extra cash to add to his savings.

Photo credit: DepEd Philippines / Facebook

Photo credit: DepEd Philippines / Facebook

Thus, the boy was able to provide a number of relief packs to his classmates.

Noong lumaban kasi siya sa Korea, namigay ang mga schoolmate niya ng mga barya-barya bilang suporta sa kanya. Napakalaking tulong ‘yun noon para sa amin. Kaya natutuwa kami na marunong magbalik si Ninio ng blessings,” Mommy Nancy said.

Photo credit: DepEd Philippines / Facebook

Photo credit: DepEd Philippines / Facebook

The local government unit provided them with special quarantine passes so they can share the blessings. The additional relief packs were picked up by the PTA officers and school authorities from their home, for distribution to the other students.

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