‘Stage Grandpa’ Goes Viral for Taking Photos of Grandkid Using Feature Phone

A supportive grandpa recently went viral for the heartwarming moment captured on camera: of him taking photos of his grandkid using an old school feature phone!

Indeed, this grandfather did not have much. He only has a feature phone, a basic phone with a low-resolution camera and low memory, yet this did not stop him from showing his support to his grandkid by taking photos and videos of the school activity the child is participating in.

Maybe the best photo you’ll see today,” wrote SMS Senior High Page on Facebook.

The lovely moment was taken at St. Michael’s School of Madrid, Inc. in Madrid, Surigao del Sur in southern Philippines.

The photo quickly went viral, with many people commenting that they missed their grandparents or that they wished someone would give this old grandpa a smartphone so he could take better photos of his grandkids.

Photo credit: SMS Senior High Page / Tinang Rada II – Facebook

After all, with such a low-memory feature phone, he is most likely going to delete the videos and photos by the time another school presentation happens. A number of netizens felt that this supportive grandfather deserved to have a better phone, with higher memory options so that he could always take photos and videos of his grandkids without having the erase the previous ones.

However, one of his kids, GrahCxa Cubero Broniola, commented that though they are proud and happy that their father went viral for the heartwarming moment, their dad would have a difficult time using a smartphone. She thanked well-meaning netizens but commented that her dad is happy and content with his low-memory, low-resolution feature phone.

What’s really important is that this grandpa is happy that he is able to enjoy his proud moment as he watches his grandkids perform in school. Isn’t that sweet?

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