Single Dad Dresses Up as Woman to Attend Mother’s Day Activity at Children’s School

A single dad who knew that his kids would feel bad if they can’t attend the Mother’s Day activity in school decided he would go as their mother! It did not matter that it might be a bit embarrassing for him to dress up as a woman because this dad was determined to make his kids happy.

Does anyone have a wig that I can borrow? I need to be a mother for my children,” Charan ‘Ran’ Chamnuansok posted on his Facebook account.

Photo credit: Charan ‘Ran’ Chamnuansok / Facebook

The post was met with praise, with many of his friends commenting that they were proud of the man he turned out to be. Others offered their support while some agreed to help.

A neighbor was able to lend Charan a wig and he borrowed a blouse from his grandmother.

Photo credit: Charan ‘Ran’ Chamnuansok / Facebook

On August 12, the day that Mother’s Day is celebrated in Thailand, Charan surprised his children by arriving at their school dressed up as a woman. The kids, 6-year-old Name and 4-year-old Ben-Ten were grinning from ear to ear as they saw their dad as their ‘mom’.

Photo credit: Charan ‘Ran’ Chamnuansok / Facebook

But the kids were happy that he attended the Mother’s Day ceremony because they were able to participate just like their classmates.

For the event, mothers are honored by their children who bow down at their feet as a sign of respect. Then, the kids gave their mothers flowers for the event – and Charan’s kids did everything to him, happily honoring their dad who had really been both a mother and father to them for many years, anyway.

Photo credit: Charan ‘Ran’ Chamnuansok / Facebook

According to reports, Charan’s wife had left them many years ago, but he made sure to take care of their children even if his wife was not around. And he shows that he is doing a great job at being mom and dad to his kids, as shown by the way he swallowed his pride to dress up as a woman just so the kids could attend the Mother’s Day celebration in school.

Kudos to you, Sir Charan!

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