Poor Dad Sends Daughter to School, Goes to Her Graduation Despite Being Barefoot

A poor construction worker recently went viral for his photo taken during his daughter’s graduation – not because she was the top of the class or something grand, but because of the heartbreaking fact that he had to attend her graduation while both of them are barefoot.

Still unnamed as of press time, this poor construction worker obviously did not have much money, considering he could not even afford to buy even just slippers for himself and his daughter.

Yet a lot of netizens greatly admired how he knows the value of education so much that he sends his daughter to school, no matter how ‘expensive’ that might be for them. Indeed, public school education is free; however, parents still need to pay for a lot of things, including the children’s uniforms, notebooks, snacks, and various school supplies.

Even that toga the little girl is wearing must have been rented, but netizens were happy that the dad got her the toga even if she didn’t have shoes or even slippers on.

Photo credit: Hanep TV / Facebook

Eto po yung tatay na naka yapak habang sinasamahan nya anak nyang kinder papuntang stage dahil graduation ng bata… Kahit construction worker lang si tatay handa syang mag sakripisyo at mapagtapos sa pag-aaral ang mga anak nya, hindi hadlang ang kahirapan upang makamit ang pangarap…” captioned Hanep TV.

Indeed, this dad is not making poverty an excuse for not sending her to school; however, many netizens are hoping he could find a better-paying job so he could also send her to school in the coming years.

She still has a long way to go before she reaches college, considering the tender age she’s currently in, but many hoped she would eventually complete her education and bring her parents out of poverty.

According to the post, the family hails from La Fortuna, Oriental Mindoro. It would surely be wonderful if this dad and his daughter would get not just footwear but also some food, right?

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