Pinoys Express Admiration after Korean Graduates from Foreign Studies, Major in Filipino

While there was a move some years ago to include the Korean language as one of the language subjects that young learners in the Philippines could learn as part of their regular curriculum, one Korean lady beat them to it by taking up the course of BA Foreign Studies, Major in Filipino!

Kim Jeeyoon recently went viral in the Philippines as Pinoy netizens could not help but admire her determination to learn about the Filipino language plus the Philippine culture and history.

She completed her degree from Busan University of Foreign Studies.

Photo credit: Jovy M Peregrino / Facebook

Considering that most Koreans are not even adept with the English language, actually finding one who is interested in learning a third language is certainly a big surprise.

But of the many languages she could have chosen, Jeeyoon actually picked Filipino! That’s another big surprise as she could have picked other more popular and common international languages such as Mandarin, Spanish, or even Arabic.

Photo credit: Jovy M Peregrino / Facebook

A professor of the University of the Philippines (UP), Sir Jovy M Peregrino, expressed his congratulatory message for Jeeyoon on his Facebook page as he shared photos of the young Korean woman.

Pagbati. Kim Jeeyoon sa iyong pagtatapos sa Busan University of Foreign Studies major sa Filipino. Ikinararangal kita. Mabuhay ka,” wrote Sir Peregrino.

His post was met with surprise and admiration as several Filipinos congratulated the Korean woman for choosing the Filipino language as her course.

Considering that a lot of Filipinos wish to learn the Korean language because many enjoy watching Korean movies and TV shows, it truly is amazing that a Korean would instead be the one to learn how to speak the Filipino language.

Photo credit: Jovy M Peregrino / Facebook

A number of netizens also invited her to the Philippines so she could practice her knowledge on the language in the real-world setting.

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