Physician Goes Viral after Passing Bar Exams

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to become a lawyer or a doctor. In fact, the passing rates for the exams to become a lawyer or doctor are quite low; that means that many graduates take the tests yet are not able to pass the high standards set by these professions.

But one young lady recently went viral after she passed both exams, becoming a lawyer just some years after she became a licensed physician.

In a post on Facebook, Jj Dela Peña Polido wrote a simple announcement that many might have missed, save eagle-eyed netizens who quickly see the double attachments to her name.

“TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY! Atty. Jean Joan D. Polido M.D.”

With a stethoscope around her neck to signify that she is a medical doctor, the new lawyer shared her recently gained title as she passed the 2018 Bar Exams.

This was certainly a great feat for the young woman who had always wanted to be a lawyer but had fulfilled her dad’s dream of seeing her become a doctor. She told the Inquirer that though she wanted to be a lawyer, her dad had always introduced her to his friends as his daughter who would become a doctor one day.

Photo credit: Jj Dela Peña Polido / Facebook

Growing up kasi my father would always say na ‘Ito ung anak ko na magiging doctor.’ So, it was his dream for me na eventually I came to love also,” Polido shared.

But after graduating from Medicine at the University of Santo Tomas in 2010, her dream of becoming a lawyer remained close to her heart. She eventually enrolled at Arellano University School of Law to fulfill that dream.

Kasi wala akong specialty. And yung dream ko to become a lawyer andun pa din. So I said, why not?” she shared.

But the two professions are so far apart from each other that Polido admitted she had a difficult time while studying Law.

Kasi sobrang ibang mundo ang law. Pati terms lahat bago sa akin… yung pagaaral na ginawa ko nuon sa medicine siguro sa law school times two or three,” she admitted.

Though she taught medical technology students at Trinity University of Asia for 2 years, she had to quit to focus on her Law studies.

Aside from juggling her Law studies and medical career, Polido also had to take time off to spend with her family. She was 7 months pregnant when she took the 2018 Bar Exams last November.

When it was time for the results to be released, she chose to spend the day at home with her 7-year-old girl and 4-month-old baby boy.

I was scared to go there and be disappointed. Nagintay lang ako ng abiso,” Polido admitted.

But when she learned that she was among those who passed the Bar exams, she hurried to the Supreme Court in Manila to finally have her photo taken with her name flashing on the LED screen at the background. It was a beautiful moment for this doctor who has also become a lawyer! Congratulations!

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