Patriotic Kid Praised as He Stops for National Anthem in the Street

He was still several meters away from the school, but a kid stopped on his tracks when he heard the National Anthem being played. The boy could have chosen to ignore the National Anthem just like the other kids who were nearer the school than he was, yet even without teachers nearby to tell him what to do, he did what was right.

This happened some meters away from Bogo Elementary School in Argao town, southern Cebu. The kid’s photo was shared on social media by Glynis Amazona who happened to be riding a bus at the time.

The bus had stopped for the Philippine National Anthem – and Glynis noticed the kid do the same. He stopped and placed his right hand on his chest, singing along to the National Anthem. According to Glynis, the kid did not even mind the bus passengers who were staring at him.

Photo credit: Glynis Amazona / Facebook

Glynis snapped a photo of the kid and shared this on Facebook with the following caption:

I pray that every human will imitate you ❤️💕 You’re such an inspiration 😊 On my way to duty and saw this kid in front of Bogo Elementary School ☺️.

The photo of the patriotic kid would so go viral as several news outlets picked up the story. Later that day, the boy was identified as Grade 1 pupil Jerick Caminero, 9 years old.

[Glynis] said there were other pupils around the area during the flag ceremony, mostly in uniform, but it was only Jerick, who was only wearing slippers and a simple t-shirt, who stopped,” reported The Freeman News.

Of course, Jerick did the right thing – because it doesn’t matter whether you are wearing a uniform or not, one must still respect the Philippine flag and the Philippine National Anthem! Kudos to you, kid!

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