Old Woman Makes Sure Poor Students Won’t Go Hungry, Sells Food Packs at Php5 Each

You don’t have to be rich to help the poor – that’s what an old lady in Meycauayan, Bulacan is doing.

Nanay Mel wakes up early to cook delicious food that she packs in small plastic bags to sell mostly at Php5 so that poor students won’t go hungry when they go to school.

At Nanay Mel’s carinderia set on the sidewalk, anyone could enjoy a serving of menudo, ham, bopis, kare-kare, tinolang manok, or some other yummy food at just Php5 each. You will surely be impressed to know that with just Php10, students can already have a full meal at Nanay Mel’s carinderia.

Photo credit: Julius Babao / Facebook

Of course, anyone can buy from her store, but Nanay Mel made sure she offers these affordable food items for poor students she knew can’t afford to buy if she raises the prices. Many of the students bring rice from home and simply buy a viand for Php5 – and that already keeps them from going hungry for the rest of the day.

Photo credit: Julius Babao / Facebook

But Nanay Mel’s store also caters to busy workers on the go. Rice already comes with a lunch pack so you can simply add a viand or two and you’re ready to go – and that’s for a cheap price, too! She even sells fried rice, with hot dog bits.

Photo credit: Julius Babao / Facebook

According to Nanay Mel, she had the idea of cooking these yummy but cheap food with the students in mind. She might not be rich but she also wants to ensure that these poor kids won’t go to school with an empty stomach.

Photo credit: Julius Babao / Facebook

Knowing that kids also love treats, she also offers sliced hot dogs, budget-friendly siomai, cheese sticks, and even fish ball. So, even if the kids only have Php5 or Php10 as baon, they still can have a lot of food to eat.

Thanks, Nanay Mel! These kids are so lucky to have a kind neighborhood nanay like you…

Photo credit: Julius Babao / Facebook

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