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“No Read, No Write” Mom Enrolls in School, Becomes Classmates with Grade 1 Daughter

Proving that it never is too late for anyone to start reaching for their dreams, a “no read, no write” mom enrolls in school and becomes classmates with her Grade 1 daughter.

Photo credit: Darwin Pilar / Facebook

While a lot of moms in the Philippines send their kids to school, often waiting for them to finish their classes for the day while hanging out near the educational facility, Nanay Monalisa joins her daughter Norelyn’s classes at Tarug Elementary School in Mogpog, Marinduque.

Photo credit: Darwin Pilar / Facebook

Nanay Monalisa does not know how to read or write. She can’t even spell out her whole name and has no idea how old she really was since she has no idea what year she was born in. She shared that she was not able to go to school when she was young because she was struck with polio and could not walk. A sickly kid, her parents thought it was better for her to stay at home.

Photo credit: Darwin Pilar / Facebook

It was the school’s Teacher-in-Charge (TIC) Mr. Darwin Pilar who encouraged Nanay Monalisa to also enroll in school after learning about her situation. The TIC knew that Norelyn might also end up like Nanay Monalisa if they are not encouraged to continue with their studies.

Photo credit: Darwin Pilar / Facebook

Today, Nanay Monalisa lives in a small shack with her husband and kids. It was a good thing that her husband readily supports her wish to enroll in school. And while others might be embarrassed to go back to school when they are older, she is determined to learn.

Photo credit: Darwin Pilar / Facebook

She still needs guidance in writing her name – but she gets help from Norelyn who feels happy that they are classmates and that her mom could finally learn how to read and write.

Photo credit: Darwin Pilar / Facebook

After the post by Mr. Pilar went viral, the family and even the other kids in school received help from many kind netizens and some organizations who admired Nanay Monalisa’s determination to learn and provide a better life for her family.

Photo credit: Darwin Pilar / Facebook

Watch her inspiring story here:

No read at no write na Nanay, dahan-dahan nang natututo!

Dahil no read at no write si Nanay Monaliza, madalas niyang nalilimutan ang mga letra at numero na itinuturo sa kanya. Ngunit dahil sa kanyang pagpupursiging mag-aral bilang Grade 1 student, dahan-dahan na siyang natututo, na siyang ikinagagalak ng kanyang mga guro! #ReelTimeMonaliza

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