Mom Thinks Son is Wasting ‘Baon’, Discovers He’s Saving Money for Eye Checkup

As parents, we all want the best for our children. Sadly, many don’t have enough money to support their children and provide all their needs.

In Uson, Masbate, one mom repeatedly scolded her son after school because he thought he was just wasting his baon (allowance). But it turned out the kid was actually saving the money to get a much-needed eye checkup.

Photo credit: Crisalyn Moreno Facebook

Each morning, Crisalyn Moreno would give her son P10 as baon, tell him to buy soup, and send him a soup bowl to use. But at the end of the day, the soup bowl is always clean! The boy refused to talk back when she got angry, choosing instead to accept her scolding each passing day.

Photo credit: Crisalyn Moreno Facebook

But Crisalyn was rather curious about what he used the money for, especially because he still continues not buying the soup even with repeated scolding; the boy’s answer broke his mom’s heart.

In the video she would later share on Facebook, the kid got up and took something from a bag he had hidden in his closet. When asked what it was, the boy calmly answered that the small bundle contains money – money that he didn’t spend on soup or other food because he is saving it for his eye checkup!

Photo credit: Crisalyn Moreno Facebook

The heartbroken mom shared on her Facebook account that her son had been asking them to bring him to the doctor as he wants to see again. He lost eyesight on his left eye due to an accident, but the kid would get bullied because of it.

Photo credit: Crisalyn Moreno Facebook

Aside from hoping that the bullying will stop if his eyes are better again, the kid also wished to get his eyesight back because he wants to find a good job in the future to bring his family out of poverty and buy his dad a car! What a sweet kid…

Watch the video here:

After the post went viral, some netizens sent help to the family. Crisalyn was able to finally bring him to a doctor but the prospect is not so good. While Crisalyn did not share the details, it seems that the kid needs to be operated on to remove the blind eye so it won’t affect the good one.

Photo credit: Crisalyn Moreno Facebook

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